Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beautiful boy and his toys

Hay season done and dusted again

Damien loves hay season!

Vasse Felix

Pulled a cork on a wine in the 'do not drink' rack tonight because Damien thinks our 'cellared' wine may be stuffed.

Turns out he chose a 10 yr old wine called Vasse Felix and it is magnificent! Shit we should put it back in the bottle for a special occasion!! So now we are trying to justify why we are drinking such a beautiful bottle of wine on a work night for no important reason.

Maybe because we are back at work and need cheering up? Maybe celebrating our 9 months overdue extension? Maybe our big bike ride tonight which nearly killed me? Maybe because Damo and I met the year it was made (he tried to convince me it was 10 years today!)? Maybe because I was born the year the winery was established?

No... we are celebrating the birth of my client's baby son FELIX last year!