Thursday, February 17, 2011

The heat is on

Decisions decisions! Is this the right choice of freestanding oven? Smeg are a level above a lot without costing the absolute earth. But how good is it when on their website they can't spell 'professional'! They seem to get it right on their other pages!

A gas cooktop and electric oven - beautiful. An oven - wow! I guess I will then have to start baking cakes. Baking is currently a bit hard on the camp stove or bbq on the verandah (not that I have the time).

Thanks for the cake Robyn!! xxxx

I grew up on a farm with an amazing 4 door AGA. I would love an AGA again but I would need to win x lotto and that won't happen as I never buy a ticket!
You could park you bum on the warm plate on a frosty morning. Herbs dried perfectly in the slowest oven (as well as rescued wet baby lambs!).

Some other beautiful ovens/kitchens...

Amazing Mother Nature

Mother Nature has been causing heartbreak and frustration across Australia, but the more fortunate of us can experience this – a Summer of crazy weather.
And isn't it bizarre that the clouds in the bottom photo almost exactly follow the shape of the trees!