Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bathroom Blues again

Yes blue again!!! I adore this black and white and blue theme. Isn't the vanity so cute.

photo - British Homes & Gardens

Bathroom two

Well this is going to be the floor in bathroom two (our ensuite). Beautiful black & white Italian inspired stone flooring. The theme is going to be black & white. Would love that bath but there is only room for a shower. And my vanity will be far more substantial as I can't afford to have no storage. It would drive me mad. And love those black framed mirrors.

Bathroom Blues

Need I say anything? That blue is devine and goes so well with the warm stone floor. I am going to break out of my white theme and go for soft blue walls in the main bathroom and laundry. In the laundry it will disguise any clothes dryer grey fluff.

And the chandelier is beautiful but I may have to dream a while longer for that.

I don't think I will go the blue bath - a bit too much blue - probably white and cream or black.

bathroom pic - Homes & Gardens.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It has begun

Well it has been a very long time between drinks (blogs). I had great intentions of recording our house building every day or so, but life has been far too hectic. The lean-to has been demolished, by us. (Well mainly by husband Demo-Damo.) And no major injuries!

We now have half a concrete slab on the ground! Here is the evidence of recent progress with our project managers looking on, and pouring concrete in the rain.